Jumping into B2B eCommerce can be intimidating – more like trying to explore a new city without a clear map. As business buyers switch to online transactions, they expect more than just a list of products they can find online. They want a lovely shopping experience – easy, fast, and personalized, just like they get on their favorite B2C platforms.

So, how do you make sure your site meets these expectations and even exceeds them? Dive into this list of top tips that will help you create a website that not only sells but conquers:


1. Offer Ultra-Fast Page Speeds

First impressions matter a lot, and even more so in an online space with lots of options for customers. You know through experience that a slow-loading website is a mood killer, triggering you to hop onto the next website by impulse. The same will happen with your B2B customers if your website pages take forever to load.

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Besides, most customers form an opinion of your business the very first time they click a link that opens your website. Fast loading speeds make your website look more professional. The opposite stands true.

And with 79% of online buyers stating they aren’t interested in visiting a website again if they experience problems the first time, you’d rather get your b2b eCommerce website development right with a provider like Launch. In addition to giving you the chance to offer lovely customer experiences, a well-designed B2B website by Launch boosts your conversion rates and increases the likelihood of repeat orders.


2. Make Bulk Orders & Discounts a Thing

B2B businesses often order in large quantities, so it makes sense to support bulk orders while offering coveted discounts. Keep in mind that most business customers compare prices and discounts from different sellers, especially when they are making large orders.

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Pro Tip: Establish a flexible discounting system for different orders, so that clients who, for instance, buy 500 units get a 4% discount, and those who buy 2,000 units get a 12% discount. The numbers will motivate your clients to make larger purchases so your stock can move faster.


3. Have Order Tracking as a Basic Feature

Remember that B2B customers also have their customers. Therefore, the status of the orders they make is not only important to them but also to other clients in the product lifecycle. If you want your clients to love you even more, give them the peace of mind that comes with being able to track their orders and update their clients where necessary.


The order tracking system should be complete so that it’s able to track orders from the moment they are placed until they are delivered. The more optimized and informative your tracking system is, the more customers will trust you and appreciate your professionalism.


4. Integrate a Smart Search Function

When customers visit your site, the last thing they want to do is move back and forth trying to locate the product they are looking for in a collection of tens or hundreds, sometimes even thousands of similar products. Why not make it easier for them with an advanced search function that makes use of artificial intelligence?

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More like when you go into a clothing store and the receptionist guides you to the area you should be looking, and they go further to consult you on the trendy products that you may want to try. Similarly, you should design the search function so that the customers can filter and get exactly what they are looking for.

Most importantly, avoid “0 Results”. Even if a product is out of stock, you can display complementary or recommended products that will increase your chance of earning orders.


5. Leverage Push Notifications

Push notifications are a useful function for eCommerce websites, creating an even stronger bond between the seller and their customers. To be more specific, push notifications make it easier to send updates, new information, and hot discounts to your buyers.

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Just make sure your push notifications don’t appear spammy. They should be brief, sweet, and highly personalized so the customers can connect easily. And it’s not only about getting your customers to take purchase action – you should also nurture them by sending personalized messages with valuable content.


To Conclude,

There’s a lot you can do to make your B2B website more impactful and authoritative in your industry. Most of these things only require you to engage an expert eCommerce development agency like Launch and they’ll guide you through the process.

Such experts know that your site should also be secure, mobile-friendly, available offline, and such.

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