When you are in the process of planning a conference or a business event, you may be tempted to reach out to an inspirational speaker agency to enhance your offering. A speaker can add to an event. But it can be tough to figure out which kind of speaker is best suited for what you need. Do you need a keynote speaker, or do you want guest speakers?


Essentially, different speakers fulfil different purposes, and as such, they will drive different results. So if you are standing at a crossroad and have to choose which speakers you need, here is a brief overview of what you can expect with a keynote speaker for hire

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The keynote speaker role

The keynote speaker acts as the lead speaker for your event. They are a confident speaker, and expert in their field who can talk extensively about a specific topic.


Typically, there is only one, but it isn’t uncommon to see two or more keynote speakers who lead only a specific period at the event. If you are unsure how many speakers you require for the keynote role, our agents at www.speakeragency.co.uk can help with this.


As the first and headline speaker at your event, the keynote speaker sets the tone through their work. Therefore, it can often be useful to bring motivational speakers in this role for powerful storytelling. When a business introduces new concepts or solutions, the speaker can start by sharing their expertise and bringing the audience up-to-date with the topic.

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At Speaker Agency UK, we have a speakers list of experts who can help reach your objectives through the combination of accessible knowledge sharing and personal experience.


What a keynote speaker isn’t

A keynote speaker doesn’t replace guest speakers. Essentially, the headline speaker acts as the main event from start to finish.


Guest speakers, on the other end, serve a different purpose. They can share their own stories and experiences about the event theme without needing to meet your end goals. The guest speaker has been invited to talk about their experience within your theme. The keynote speaker also refers to their unique anecdotes but must ensure the audience reaches your pre-defined objective.

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Additionally, guest speakers may not be active or present for the full duration of the event.


What can you expect from the best keynote speaker?

Whether you hire a keynote speaker or a guest speaker via a global speakers bureau, you will work with experienced experts who are well-versed in the art of keeping the audience engaged. Both speakers can help you keep your event audience educated, inspired, and entertained on their expert subject(s).


Both speakers have a reputation as thought leaders in their areas of expertise. But, when you seek a keynote speaker in London or elsewhere, they also ensure that their opening event speech will prepare the audience for what there is to come:

  • Bring all the necessary information to light so the audience can understand and benefit from the event
  • Summarise the information provided by the different guest speakers throughout the event in an accessible way
  • Drive the audience along the strategic goal that has been decided for the event
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If you think of the keynote speaker as a conductor for the event, it is the person that will start, drive, and conclude your event. Additionally, their role also includes engaging the audience throughout the conference by asking questions and reinforcing facts and information. Their input can also prove instrumental in creating room for creativity, innovation, and change by encouraging the audience to view a theme in a new light.


Why you want the best motivational speakers as keynote headlines

The keynote speech enables your audience to achieve new levels of understanding or awareness of a topic. Motivational speakers are skilled speech givers who can appeal to people’s intellect and imagination. Their unique experience and expertise can shape the public’s view of a theme and build a new perspective.

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Motivational speeches are an essential speech type that can make knowledge about a specific topic:

  • Accessible to the audience
  • Meaningful to the audience


Sharing factual information and explaining concepts is what brings your audience to understanding your event theme. But beyond expertise, motivational speaker agents also consider the authentic and relatable storytelling elements of the speech. For instance, motivational speaker woman, Dr Ayesha Khanna helps people visualise the potential of AI and how technology can reshape workplaces without sacrificing human potential. As a virtual keynote speaker, she brings AI and digital technologies into everyday work scenarios in a way that people can relate to.

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Inspirational speakers can fill the audience with drive, passion, and determination about the main topic.



FAQs about finding the right keynote speaker

Can the speaker do virtual events?

Yes, we are a virtual speakers bureau for virtual keynotes, empowering businesses to find the right speaker for their events, regardless of where it happens. Do not hesitate to reach out to speakers bureaus to find out more about how to hold a virtual event successfully with a speaker.



What makes the keynote speaker an expert?

As a professional speakers bureau, you can rest assured that our keynote speakers are carefully vetted. Expert speakers have a unique background, both in terms of professional and academic achievements and also their unique experience.

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For example, performance leadership expert Jamil Qureshi has a track record of coaching teams to success, ranging from the Premier League Football teams to Hewlett Packard and the Royal Bank of Scotland.



How do I find the right keynote speaker for me?

At Speaker Agency UK, we know that it can be challenging to identify the right person for your event. That’s why our agents at the speaker bureau for London and global events are here to guide you through the steps. We get to know your needs and your event theme before making a recommendation.


Our keynote speakers also have a digital portfolio of their work that you can check on their profile pages on our website. So, you also know what you get when you pick your speaker.

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Are you ready to launch an event with a keynote speaker? Reach out to our team to create a successful event that people won’t forget

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